Weapons from the Void (2024)

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Weapons from the Void is a side quest on the Unreliable.


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    • 2.4 Gloop Gun
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Logs found in the captain's terminal on the Unreliable mention finding a powerful weapon. Perhaps the Halcyon colony contains other weapons which, like this one, push the boundaries of what science can achieve. It would be worthwhile to seek out these devices - these science weapons.


The five different science weapons are hidden throughout the system.

Prismatic Hammer[]

A clue to the Prismatic Hammer's location can be found in an entry on Hawthorne's terminal in the Unreliable's captain's quarters, indicating that the Prismatic Hammer can be found on Groundbreaker. Its exact location can be revealed by purchasing the Battered Mardet Datapad from Gladys Culkelly in the Rest-N-Go.

The hammer is located in a locked Repair Hangar, near the Stevedore's Quarters and Security Office on Groundbreaker. The entrance to the Repair Hangar is barred from the inside, so the area must be accessed through a loose panel on the back wall of the Stevedore's Quarters - it can be accessed by climbing on top of the bunks. Inside the hangar are an Outlaw, Outlaw Striker, Outlaw Squad Leader, and Scrap Mechanical, all of whom will be hostile on sight. After defeating these enemies, loot the Repair hangar keycard from the squad leader's corpse and use it to unlock the door near the workbench.

The Prismatic Hammer is located in a safe near the terminal in this room.

Shrink ray[]

A clue to the Shrink Ray's location can be found in an entry on Hawthorne's terminal in the Unreliable's captain's quarters, indicating that the Shrink Ray is located in Phineas' Lab. The Shrink Ray is located in the external lab, on the table to the right of the intercom which is used to speak with Phineas.

Mandibular Rearranger[]

A clue to the Mandibular Rearranger's location can be found by purchasing the Hephaestus Mining - Archive Cartridge from Gladys Culkelly on the Groundbreaker. Once bought, a new terminal entry becomes available in the Captain's quarters on the Unreliable. Reading it will reveal the location of the weapon. The Mandibular Rearranger is found in the Abandoned Mining Outpost on Scylla, in the site supervisor's building on the south-eastern side of the outpost.

Gloop Gun[]

A clue to the Gloop Gun's location can be found by purchasing the Damaged UDL Datapad from Duncan Elley in Fallbrook. The weapon can be found on the ground floor of the UDL Lab on Monarch. It is inside a locked container that can be opened from a nearby terminal that requires Hack 100 or the UDL Lab Weapons Terminal Keycard to unlock. The keycard can be found on top of a desk on the second floor of the lab. A security check will need to be passed before the container can be unlocked, or it can be overridden with Hack 55. The security check presents three questions, the answers to which are "Protect the Chairman," "Berate him relentlessly to defend the Chairman's honor," and "Arrest your spouse and admit your children to a reeducation program" respectively. Once hacked or the test has been passed, the container opens and the Gloop Gun can be acquired.

Mind Control Ray[]

A clue to the Mind Control Ray's location can be found by purchasing the SubLight Datapad from Duncan Elley in Fallbrook. If the location of the Rizzo Secret Laboratory is known, the quest marker will point directly at the weapon. Otherwise, it will point to Lilya Hagen on the Groundbreaker who will offer the quest Space-Crime Continuum, causing this quest to update with the location of the weapon. The Mind Control Ray is located at the end of the lab near the gas regulation terminal used in the Space-Crime Continuum quest. The weapon can be found by jumping through a hole in a wall onto a platform and climbing up two ladders. On top of the ladders is a landing with a deceased scientist and the Mind Control Ray.

Quest stages[]

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
1 Acquire the Science Weapon on GroundbreakerThe logs on Hawthorne's terminal mentioned rumors from the Groundbreaker of a scientist who bragged about a powerful weapon he was researching. Perhaps more details can be found on the station. Another of Hawthorne's logs mentioned looking in Gladys's shop for old records. Apparently the smuggler acquired several leads that way.
2 Acquire Phineas' Science WeaponThe logs on Hawthorne's terminal indicated that Phineas has a powerful weapon at his orbital lab.
3 Acquire the Science Weapon on MonarchA UDL datapad "liberated" from a corporate patrol mentions a research facility in the wilderness. Search the facility to see if it contains a science weapon.
4 Acquire the Science Weapon in the Abandoned LabYou acquired the datapad of an unfortunate SubLight contractor. He was hired to scout an abandoned laboratory and mentions seeing a powerful weapon inside that he wanted to return for. While the datapad doesn't reveal the location of the lab, it mentions Lilya Hagen will "send a team." SubLight's boss may be able to point you in the right direction.
5 Review the Hephaestus Mining Archive on Hawthorne's TerminalA data cartridge acquired from Gladys on Groundbreaker may have clues to another science weapon's location. Use the captain's terminal on the Unreliable to review the data archive.
6 Acquire the Science Weapon on ScyllaAfter reviewing the data archive from the Hephaestus Mining outpost on Scylla, you learned that a powerful weapon was used to kill one of the miners. Search the outpost for that weapon.
7 Search for CluesHawthorne's terminal mentioned searching black market vendors on Groundbreaker and Fallbrook. Apparently he had success in the past finding rare items using such sources. Purchasing old logs or data archives from these vendors might lead to clues about where to find more of the powerful science weapons.
Weapons from the Void (2024)
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