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  • MBTA Fitchburg Line Commuter Rail stations and schedules, including timetables, maps, fares, real-time updates, parking and accessibility information, and connections.

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  • Fitchburg Line · Check Fitchburg line alerts · Providence/Stoughton Line · Fitchburg

  • Schedule information for MBTA Commuter Rail lines in the Greater Boston region, including real-time updates and arrival predictions.

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  • Fitchburg Line · Commuter Rail · Green Line · Red Line

  • Schedule information for MBTA subway, bus, Commuter Rail, and ferry in the Greater Boston region, including real-time updates and arrival predictions.

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  • Lots of helpful info and commentary about the Framingham-Worcester line, but also helpful info relevant to all MBTA commuter rail. ... Fitchburg. Framingham ...

  • Dave’s Archive of Historical / Old MBTA Commuter Rail Schedules

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7. Commuter Rail Fares - MBTA

  • During the Sumner Tunnel closure July 5 – August 5, Newburyport/Rockport line trips will be $2.40, or you can use a Zone 1A pass. ... schedule—just two ...

  • View common fare information for the MBTA bus, subway, Commuter Rail, ferry, and The RIDE. Find online CharlieCard services and learn about bulk ordering programs.

8. Weekend excursion: Stations of the Fitchburg Line

  • 10 mrt 2021 · ... scheduled to take 104 minutes between North Station and Wachusett. The line includes both the absolute newest MBTA station of any kind (the ...

  • Attention conservation notice: 3,900 words about passenger stations on a railroad you probably don’t ride in a city where you don’t live, with embedded rants about the conservatism of r…

9. Fitchburg | Miles in Transit

  • 12 feb 2016 · The MBTA website doesn't give the availability rate, unfortunately ... Welllll…it's only the fifth-busiest station on the Fitchburg Line.

  • Welcome the MBTA’s outermost station in Massachusetts! Yes, we are truly in the wild west right here. Well…the wild west if it had multi-story buildings and a fairly busy downtown. Okay, so Fitchburg might not be a true frontier, but its gateway station is certainly a good one.

10. Fitchburg Line Upgrade Discussion - Page 7 - RAILROAD.NET

  • The Fitchburg line has long been the longest and slowest MBTA line, with ... The Fitchburg Route as presently scheduled is actually a hybrid of a ...

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Fitchburg Line Mbta Schedule (2024)


How much is the train from Boston to Fitchburg? ›

What companies run services between Fitchburg, MA, USA and Boston, MA, USA? MBTA operates a train from Fitchburg to North Station every 2 hours. Tickets cost $5–15 and the journey takes 1h 28m.

How much is Fitchburg Line? ›

How much is the FITCHBURG (#1400 | North Station) train fare? The #1400 | North Station (#1400 | North Station) train fare is $2.40 - $10.00.

Where does the Fitchburg commuter rail go? ›

The Fitchburg Line is a branch of the MBTA Commuter Rail system which runs from Boston's North Station to Wachusett station in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. The line is along the tracks of the former Fitchburg Railroad, which was built across northern Massachusetts, United States, in the 1840s.

What commuter rail line is Waltham? ›

Fitchburg Line | Commuter Rail | MBTA.

Can I use my Charlie card on the commuter rail? ›

Use Your CharlieCard on the Commuter Rail

You can use your CharlieCard to pay for travel within Fairmount Line Zone 1A. Tap your CharlieCard at the fare validators on the platform.

How much does it cost to take a train from Massachusetts to California? ›

Information on this train trip
Daily Trains6
Earliest and Latest Train Departures6:50AM - 8:11PM
Minimum Price$596
Average Ticket Price$548
Minimum Trip Duration2d22h
3 more rows

Is the Fitchburg Line reliable? ›

In 2023, the Fairmount Line had the highest average on time performance rate at 97.9 percent, with the Fitchburg Line the lowest at 89.1 percent.

What zone is Fitchburg? ›

According to the 2023 USDA Hardiness Zone Map Fitchburg, Massachusetts is in Zones 6a (-10°F to -5°F) and 6b (-5°F to 0°F).

How much is the train MBTA? ›

Commuter Rail stations are located within Zones, numbered 1A – 10, based on how far they are from Boston. Commuter Rail fares are determined by the Zones you are traveling to and from. A one-way ticket costs between $2.40 – $13.25. Round trip, 10-ride, and monthly passes are also available.

Where does the Fitchburg rail Trail start? ›

The first phase of the trail, scheduled to open in June 2022, will run from First Street in Fitchburg to Carter Park in Leominster. The second phase, marked in red on the map below, is currently in design. Parking is available at Benson Street in Fitchburg and at Doyle Field and Carter Park in Leominster.

What is the longest commuter rail line in the US? ›

RankSystemRoute miles
1Long Island Rail Road321
2Metro-North Railroad385
3NJ Transit Rail Operations530
28 more rows

How many stations does MBTA Commuter Rail have? ›

The MBTA Commuter Rail (reporting mark MBTX) system serves as the commuter rail arm of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's (MBTA's) transportation coverage of Greater Boston in the United States. Trains run over 394 mi (634 km) of track to 134 stations.

How far west does the MBTA go? ›

The system's routes span 394 miles (630 km) and cover roughly the eastern third of Massachusetts plus central Rhode Island. They stretch from Newburyport in the north to North Kingstown, Rhode Island, in the south, and reach as far west as Worcester and Fitchburg.

Who owns the commuter rail in Massachusetts? ›

The commuter rail is owned by the MBTA and the state agency controls fares, schedules and maintenance requirements.

What is the difference between Metro and commuter rail? ›

Most commuter (or suburban) trains are built to main line rail standards, differing from light rail or rapid transit (metro rail) systems by: being larger. providing more seating and less standing room, owing to the longer distances involved. having (in most cases) a lower frequency of service.

Is Amtrak cheaper than driving? ›

Driving is typically cheaper than commuting on Amtrak, but factors like parking fees and time spent in traffic should be considered. Time spent on trains can be more productive and relaxing, allowing for activities like napping, work, and reading.

How much is MBTA Silver Line? ›

The Silver Line SL1 runs from approximately 5:30AM to 12:30AM every day of the week. o General cost for riding the MBTA: $2.75 single fare (CharlieTicket/Onboard Cash), $2.25 with preloaded Charlie Card.

What is the Boston Clinton and Fitchburg Railroad? ›

On June 1, 1875, the Boston, Clinton, and Fitchburg Railroad consolidated with the Mansfield and Framingham Railroad, and exactly one year later, on June 1, 1876, the Boston, Clinton, and Fitchburg Railroad merged with the New Bedford Railroad to form the Boston, Clinton, Fitchburg and New Bedford Railroad.

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