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Christopher Cross is coming to Mayo Performing Arts Center in Morristown, NJ on October 5, 2021. For tickets and more information, call (973) 539-8008 or visit our official website,

Christopher Cross burst onto the music scene with his 1980 self-titled debut album, winning five Grammy Awards, including—for the first time in Grammy history—the “Big Four” most prestigious awards: Record of the Year (“Sailing”), Album of the Year, Song of the Year (“Sailing”) and Best New Artist. Celebrate the 40th anniversary of this classic album that also includes "Ride Like the Wind" and "Say You'll Be Mine," as well as other hits.


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Miss you guys a pleasure to be here in paris.

Thank you this evening has some very talented musicians sharing the stage with me tonight.

I want to introduce them to you, so you know who's playing for you on bass, guitar and vocals.

Mr chas frick tell for puerto rico, on percussion richie, caja, garcia from glendale california, on the drums, my old buddy, mr dave, byron on winds and keyboards now living in berlin, germany, mr andy suzuki, and on keyboards and vocals, from los angeles, california, the lovely and talented, miss kiki epson.

I know.

What's on your I mind, it gets tough, sometimes this and I know, but this time this time they seem just a little different.

Just what got this just when you feel helpless, nothing left behind us me.

We all know it gets hot, sometimes why this is.

Thank you so much andy suzuki soprano sax.

Thank you.

Gonna! Do some songs for you this evening from the early albums I think you're, probably familiar with as well as play some songs from the later albums in my career, I've recorded nine so far and lastly, some songs tonight from my new album, dr faith, which came out in may right now tuned from the first album is the light is on the darkness, is just outside outside your window, beating down making the sound of the rain will drive.

You crazy make you lazy.

The light.

Is it's a juice.

The light is on the darkness.

The light is on the darkness is just outside outside your window.

Let's see.

Thank you a song now from the new album.

Dr faith called leave it to me.

It's just for you, it's a beautiful landing.

Just leave it to me, don't feel too bad laughter.

I bet you you've lost your heart and you can't quite retrieve it just leave it to me.

If is lost your heart, you can't quite retrieve it just leave it to me.

Just leave it to me.

Thank you.

So much do another song for you now from the new album.

Dr faith- and this is a song about a guy's written a tune for this girl, he's pretty crazy about her and uh.

He thinks well.

He thinks that she's just everything them you never knew.

I need it.

Why don't my system feel like I could save the world? You are the one you are you're a smile across the feel like I'm the everything that you are a wave of crushing glue.

Do you.

I never knew you.

Oh andy, suzuki soprano sacks tell we're very excited.

You could be here this evening, uh with us to do this uh, wonderful, dvd taping.

I want to thank simon turkle and everyone at very show and very records for this opportunity to kind of archive this wonderful band and this period of my career with this dvd this evening and uh we're gonna do a tune for you now from my second album is 1983., I'm calling it a page.

It's a song that I've not done for a long time since the early 80s kind of brought the song back recently into the set tune come now time for talk is somehow.

I won't believe that until I've heard it from you know is worries, I can't no reason to wonder: there's no time fear do here's a song from uh once again, the doctor faith, the the new album.

This is a tune about a guy.

His woman has left him and he made some mistakes.

She's left him.

Yes, but he's hoping he's hoping very much that she will come back to him and um.

That's a song called when you come home now, the days crawl by and every night.

What do I care, but when you walk in that door it won't be babe, we'll go back where we begin.

When you come home now, a woman can be so strong and a man can be so wrong.

So here I stand.

A tiny sea of tear drops in each hand free you'll return.

When you come home, I will hand my life to you cause.

I see the bad I've done when you come home like a hungry shark and there ain't no dope that can kill this pain cause.

I smell your skin in the pouring rain, come home baby.

You could be back home today, we will live and present tense and my world will all make when you come home when you come home if you come home.

Thank you thanks.

So much song for the first time when you, when we start to sing, is you'll that you, the chewing hmm when you start to sing every woman each room.

So so you so much there's someone else that was uh.

First menstrual jiggler from my first film 1980, it's a song about back in the old days when I had groupies uh.

It's also back when I had hair, but that's a different uh thing tuned for you now.

This is uh the title song from my last cd, which was uh in 1998 a long time ago and uh a song about a guy.

This one really makes him feel very special kind of like he's walking around the mythical island of avalon, where king arthur is supposedly buried.

Uh, I'm going to feature um richie got the concealer planted for you, as well as some very fun base work by chest, free telling this one to call walking and evil.

Oh, oh just retail, maybe you thought I had a lot of cash.

I don't care what it was.

I love what it does.

I really dig that your apartment's a mess take the way the sun shines through your dress.

I dig your industrial shoes.

You could say I'm kinky.

I guess I can't believe my love.

You are such a fabulous, fabulous who and sticky uh remember those mushrooms down in mexico.

I hope I've loved you.

The way that you have loved me a toast to, but still is the sun he's walking is uh.

Thank you very much thanks.

So much.

We are, of course, thrilled and excited to be able to play for you, the scene.

I'm gonna shoot this dvd, this recording in paris uh it's my favorite city in the world and it's a city.

It's a city that has uh many memories.

For me, many wonderful memories of loves and lost loves and these kinds of things so much wonderful, romance and uh.

This is a song that I think for many people, their memories connected to the song from where they were the first time they heard it who they were with, and hopefully that's gonna be the trophy this evening.

It'll be a good memory.

Let's not fart down paradise, at least it's not for me to win this fight.

You've been set away to find tranquility.

Just you wait and see.

Believe me, it's not fun to never.

Never let a reason.

Just you wait and see, takes me soon fantasy is it could be free, so at least it's not for me.

Just you wait and see.

Takes me free, hmm! Thank you so much so it's good for me.

Just one thing that you've got to know hide myself in my cheese.

He is always so sure myself in my cheese bye.

It's for me, sometimes just one thing that you got to know foreign.

So, let's see! Thank you very much.

Thank you.

I'm so much very kind.

This song, for you now uh once again from the new album dr faith, and this is a song about the people that kind of keep the world going around and they see all the wonderful possibilities in us as human beings and what we're capable of bringing and sharing to each other and uh.

I dedicate the song to different people different nights, but tonight I want to dedicate it to uh simon and roman turgal.

The people that brought us here tonight very show.

It's been since 1986 that I made a live dvd and it's a wonderful time, as I said on my career, to sort of chronicle, this period of music in my life and the albums I've made with this amazing band of musicians, please.

This is spanish, and so for me, after over 30 years in this business, it's a very nice opportunity, as I said, to sort of create an archive in this beautiful city of the catalog of my music.

I recently I just turned 60 years old and so uh.

This is a very special time in my life to be celebrating the career music with you, so I'm gonna send this song out to simon and rahman and their families and uh it's uh.

They really personify.

I think what this song is about.

It's a song called dreamers, my the dream: luke, they don't care dreams may the universe, they don't care dreams, oh good dreams.

So let's sing a song.

Dreamless dream us dreamers.

It's gonna be kiki down front.

Now you know sing a tune with me kiki, in addition to being a a wonderful uh, keith borderson focus also a very fun songwriter in her own right and she's just released her fifth album of original songs called beauty inside.

It was the music that you were listening to when you came in this evening.

So I encourage you to pick up one of this new cd and enjoy our very final work, but right now, she's going to sing a duet with me from my first album, a song that we had never played in concert in my whole career and then just a few months ago, kiki said we should do that tune from the first album, so we've been playing it, people who seem to be enjoying it we're having fun with it, and it's called spinning who is you may take me a long time, but I'm gonna find you out.

It may take me a long time.

I think you may take me.

You may take me a long time.

I I'm gonna, find you let's get some please every job has its perks.

Every job has its own things.

That's very, very nice! Thank you! So much very, very kind.

Here's a song once again from the first album it's a song that we rearranged a little bit to have a bit of fun with it before you give the band a chance to do a little something, but I think you'll recognize that as we kind of get into the tune.

So when you think about love, is the game to be played, be torn and lost feel to be give your own heart to another? I really don't know just that way.

So, oh just love it just out of the way that way.

Let's see, if I could thank you, do garcia, I really don't know say I really don't know anymore.

I really don't know transfix hell, richie gaha take a seat as they fire andy suzuki with.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Thank you very much very kind.

Do a song for you now once again from dr faith, the new album.

This is a song about a couple who have come to the end of their time together.

It could be because of age or it could be just their circ*mstances, but they're trying to handle their situation with as much grace as possible as songs called november.

You across the room lost in your head.

All that's left is the storm outside water beating stone, and we hang in a web of stillness on our own two hearts, bundled to the cold closed eyes.

Watching love grow old.

Dear friends, can it really be november season of goodbye? Like a song, I heard as a little boy that I did not understand, but somehow I knew it was sad eyes november trees.

Two in the failing light, no blame doing what seems right, but the rain won't stop.

Can it really be? Thank you.

Here's a song that had the pleasure of writing with one of my true songwriting heroes.

The gentleman has influenced a lot of songwriters, not just in america but around the world, mr burt bacharach and burton I wrote it with carol berry, sager, the late, great peter allen and uh.

We were inspired writing this song by a performance of another, very talented guy.

I missed very much, I'm sure he does well.

He was a very fond comedic actor quite accomplished, classical pianist in his own right and while there has been a new movie released a new kind of version of the movie I like to let people know in my concerts that for me, they'll only ever be one true arthur and that's deadly more once in your life yourself.

I know it's crazy, but it's true the best you can do the best pretty good time he's laughing about.

I know it's crazy, but it's true the best you can do the best you I know it's crazy is oh, it's crazy, andy, suzuki! Altosac! Thank you.

So much you've been a wonderful audience tonight who just had a wonderful, wonderful time playing for you.

Well, thank you for coming out sharing your evening with us and to close things out with a tune for my first album 1980, a song that started it all off for me, we're back with some help from my good buddy, michael mcdonald's.

The background vocals is, is my I time you shouldn't try to is trying to sleep.

Oh me laughs.

So, thank you, paris.

We love you wow.

So do everyone say just don't think I'd.

Let you go, don't seem right, everybody.

I just can't hide the truth.

No more! I got to get my feet back down on the floor.

Just don't think I could let you go everybody.

So thank you so much we love you.

God bless and see you soon.

Wow! Oh, oh! Oh! Ah, I will be you say, throw me down you.

Christopher Cross at Mayo Performing Arts Center (2024)
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